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Lost Leader


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Two Houses

Two houses = two stories. The white chalet is a time-teller (a clock which no longer works), some houses light up and are welcoming in the darkness. They are wired even though dinosaurs hide on the roof. The dark house is woven and embroidered – there is a golden fish and a broken heart – […]

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My other website….  

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7. project1Startup

* 80 pieces of pine board 12cmx12cm/canvas plus a stretcher to start :) If you’ve just got here and want to know what this is all about ? :) then  please go here and then here

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2. bigStorm

While I’m getting things together here, it’s taking me a while :) I’ll post some random pix, in this case some photos I took on a fairly low megapixel mobile phone. (Not photoshopped an any way except colours tweeked very slightly – I really like the way they came out, to me they have a painterly quality all of their own :)

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