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The Comfort Of Industrial Pork Products

No.19 ART – MUSIC – VIDEO – * collaboration Urban Munk – Original Soundtrack Phyll Scammell – Double Bass Dave Curle – Drums Nick Janczak – Trumpet and Final Mix L.P. Ponor – Video More about this ongoing art/music project here : )

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SKITTER – at the Bermondsey Art Trail – 11th July

Really pleased to be included here. For once we didn’t need to explain anything, we just sent our site info to the Bermondsey Art Trail and they liked what we do http://www.arthouse1.co.uk/the-bermondsey-art-trail.html and we have one of our videos included in a screening at the Shortwave Cinema in Bermondsey Square. (* A big thank you […]

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14. closerUps

Here’s a series of pix to show some closer views and a better visual explanation of how the whole thing is looking so far. To see a larger view just click on any image :)

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13. InPonorland2

This what the painting looks like to date. On the left is the backboard with the objects. On the right is the canvas with the painted objects. There’s still quite a bit more work to do,  adding smaller details, changing/darkening some areas, before cutting it up into the 80 pieces. (more detailed pix shortly:)

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10. collecting

– stuff someone wanted and then didn’t want anymore; the loveliness and insanity of the collected object :)

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8. doingIt

* Getting everything together for making project1/linen canvas/stretcher/collecting everything for the backboard- the template for the 80 separate small paintings.

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