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Just finished this small artwork for the Swedish art group METEOR. It’s to be included in an upcoming visitation called dold konst- hidden art out in the countryside. An artworks protestation against the allowed dereliction of a group of very old riverside trees.  update info:




lextrical’s music beans – sonically adorned visual distractionsembroidery3

on soundcloud


part of the amazing music beans collection of  images and music



my submission for BOOK ABOUT DEATH


I’ve been making some moving images for a while now using the rather antiquated .gif format which I ‘ve expanded and adapted.




Frame 17 18Frame 16 17Frame 15 16Frame 15 16Frame 18 19

Rob Michael and Steve Uccello

Here’s the first collaboration I ever made with musicians: Rob Michael: guitarist, composer, educator and leader of Atmos Trio and the bassist extraodinaire Steve Uccello: electric bassist/multi-instrumentalist and composer Rob contacted me via twitter and asked if I’d like to make a design for their latest project. Here’s the first sketched-up idea:


see and hear how it turned out here:


This album is available exclusively here, at and at our Bandcamp store.

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