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Three small paintings from White Series

    1 2     (Sold – in collection of photographer Nick Vengsgaard  Aarhus, Denmark.) 3 Enquiries: via Contact page  

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14. closerUps

Here’s a series of pix to show some closer views and a better visual explanation of how the whole thing is looking so far. To see a larger view just click on any image :)

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13. InPonorland2

This what the painting looks like to date. On the left is the backboard with the objects. On the right is the canvas with the painted objects. There’s still quite a bit more work to do,  adding smaller details, changing/darkening some areas, before cutting it up into the 80 pieces. (more detailed pix shortly:)

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6. scape

  oil on canvas, series of 6 small oil sketches/catching the light/working on a dream *trying to do the impossible – If I can finish these paintings they’ll be for sale later:)

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