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Twitter Art Exhibit: Moss is an international exhibition of original postcard art benefiting Home-Start Moss, a nonprofit organization helping families in need. Home-Start believes that every child deserves the best start in life. By matching experienced volunteers to families with young children, Home-Start provides support that is free to the family, confidential, and based on individual needs. Volunteers do not make judgements or tell the parents how to live their lives; instead, they try to encourage confidence and independence, and help families build their own networks of friends and other support.

Twitter Art Exhibit: Moss is the fifth instalment of an open international exhibition of handmade postcard art for charity, donated by hundreds of participating artists from around the globe.

Social media plays a major role in Twitter Art Exhibit. It is our intention to tweet, share, seed and promote our artists to thank them for their participation, and to make this event a huge success.

The event will be highly publicized and well attended by art buyers and enthusiasts, members of the press, local artists and the community, as well as by the staff of Home-Start Moss, and the families they support.

Home-Start website (Norwegian):

English (UK):

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What Could Possibly Go Right ?

Continuing with the series of art-music collaborations, where the images and music take no precedence over each other, but instead are intended to be perceived as a whole.

Urban Munk: Original Music Track

L.P Ponor: Digital Drawing and Video

Nick Janczak: Additional Music, Trumpet and mix

What Could Possibly Go Right ? from Ponor on Vimeo.


Info: The videos have been shown at different locations – in the UK so far – we send them to people who want to show them in different settings… Sending people video files in requested formats is quick to do and as long as the person/arts organisation has the necessary equipment to show the work at their end, it’s usually not too problematic. You can also run vids on smaller screens of course.. so for example, it’s quite possible to even use a simple digital photograph viewer – with the video saved to a memory stick – and show collaborations like this as a moving music/artwork on a wall… : )… I’m a painter, but trying out new ways of working visually with digital images and music collaborations where the art/music are conceived/made together as a whole entity (rather than sticking visuals on a music track or vice versa), is really interesting territory… This is an ongoing project…

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10 Small Paintings

One solution to being able to get work out there, might be to offer original works in a small format from time to time… Just now these 10 small paintings (the smallest is a very miniature 4×4 cm, the others only slightly larger but all framed) are up for sale in a shop that sells all kinds of maker’s works. Small means less materials, but not necessarily less time spent, it’s a difficult one to assess; that is: Art is for anyone who likes it, but then it does have to be affordable … : )

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Few Things: dold konst- hidden art… out in the Swedish countryside.


Just finished this small artwork for the Swedish art group METEOR. It’s to be included in an upcoming visitation called dold konst- hidden art out in the countryside.   An artworks protestation against the allowed dereliction of a group of very old riverside trees.

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Stills from Ponor – Janczak music/art Video showing: OLD SHIRES HALL Durham 15th Aug.

Ponor – Janczak = 50/50 collaboration between visual artist and musician – with guest invites via the net.

Nick Janczak: https://soundcloud.com/fuzzyhaze

More info: http://experimentalstudio.org.uk/events/film-night

Breeze Creatives CIC and Vane, have been granted access to Old Shire Hall in Durham for a limited time, to host four very special events that aim to showcase some of the best creativity in Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland and the surrounding areas.

As part of this series of events taking place, on Friday 15th August for one night only we are staging a free night of film, video and moving image work by a selection of filmmakers and artists from throughout the region and beyond. Over a dozen rooms throughout the Grade II listed Old Shire Hall will be turned into screen rooms to showcase a diverse range of work.

Not only is this a chance to see some exciting up and coming filmmaker’s work, but also a chance to look around the splendid Old Shire Hall, which has been inaccessible to the public for several decades. Old Shire Hall is a Grade II listed building situated in the heart of Durham City Centre. It was built in 1895 as the County Hall, and was used as such until 1963 when it was bought by the University of Durham as a home for their administration. Old Shire Hall has particular significance as this is where the first all Labour County Council was assembled in 1909.

Artists and filmmakers showcasing their work on the night include: Ruth Siddals, Beth Ross, Tim Neath, Peter McAdam, Ponor-Janczak, Klaus Pinter, Sean Burn, Kayleigh O’Keefe, Letizia Binda-Partensky, Sheryl Jenkins, Roberta Orlando, Melanie Menard, Lucia Schweigert, Nicola Joanne Carter, Huw Andrews, Fin McMorran, Allie Litherland, Anna Flemming, Amelia Crouch, and Stu Herring.

Free admission with pay bar.

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