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13. InPonorland2

This what the painting looks like to date. On the left is the backboard with the objects. On the right is the canvas with the painted objects. There’s still quite a bit more work to do, adding smaller details, changing/darkening some areas, before cutting it up into the 80 pieces. (more detailed pix shortly:)

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12. InPonorland

  Right, here we go with this thing :) – I’ve been a bit fuzzy about this project (Project 1) not because I’m uncertain, but because of the way I think about things – I tend to let things evolve. (More about that some other time.) First, I made what I called a “backboard” to […]

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7. project1Startup

* 80 pieces of pine board 12cmx12cm/canvas plus a stretcher to start :) If you’ve just got here and want to know what this is all about ? :) then please go here and then here    

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This is the first post on this new blog… :) – please feel most welcome if you’ve not been around P O N O R before! I’m just arranging things and sorting out exactly what I want to do here.  Artist/blogger Ivan Pope tells me there’s some nice new Joomla plug-ins and I’m interested in […]

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