Ello submission – 3 black paintings




From an ongoing series of black paintings Black oils on canvas plus attached objects.

My name is L.P. Ponor. I am a visual artist/painter who also makes ART/MUSIC videos together with improvising musician Nick Janczak + collaborators.
I’m from London UK, now living in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and have also lived, worked and studied art in Sweden and Denmark.

new work

Continuing with the plan to get more work out there in places other than galleries, here’s some New Site Specific work made for a local coffee shop smaller oil paintings made on raised stretchers.Black and White Circle Black Circle Upright1 Upright2Larger Squared

Off Beat


off beat4


off beat3


Some art work placed in a high street shop in my local area that sells all sorts of things for the home.  I’m trying to find ways of getting paintings seen and hopefully sold in places other than galleries.

off beat2


The second time of trying to get it right. If we want people to buy artwork then it has to be seen in places other than galleries where often the prices asked are completely out of reach of people who might otherwise think it might be cool to have some original work. As the galleries often keep the difference, I thought it was worth a try anyway.  Selling online is also a good option but when it comes to paintings people often tell me they want to see the work IRL. before making up their minds.

off beat


Price range: £150 – £190 – exclusive of the shop’s commission – three of the works are framed one isn’t – it will be interesting to see if people state a preference. I never normally frame my work, so finding this a bit uncomfortable.  (Adding frames also makes it more expensive, depending on how you do it of course).