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  [vimeo 159836407 w=500 h=281] ┬áNo.17 Urban Munk – Soundtrack Susan Alcorn – Pedal Steel Guitar Phyll Scammell – Double Bass Nick Janczak – Trumpet and Final Mix L.P. Ponor – Video More about this ongoing art/music project here : )

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two wings

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pain ting

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We connect like never before: Art process is pretty indefinable, but it’s the way each artist chooses to get started and continue through. Some use a particular method/technique that they have evolved over time, some use a well trodden path, still others choose to trust solely to their intuition at all times and the way […]

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P O N O R on Ello

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Some houses have pictures hanging on the walls, often contained in frames and locked behind glass. What does it mean? – the innocent observer asks– at this point the ground begins to shake.    

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