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A4 7B pencil drawing – for sale (unframed) – further details? Ask here




This is the first post on this new blog… :) – please feel most welcome if you’ve not been around P O N O R before!

I’m just arranging things and sorting out exactly what I want to do here.  Artist/blogger
Ivan Pope tells me there’s some nice new Joomla plug-ins and I’m interested in making
some widgets too… All this might take me a little while to figure out:) so if you get
bored waiting, wouldn’t blame ya :) – perhaps have a look the old *P O N O R
there’s over 300 original art pieces over there. (I’ll still be heading over to
yours & checking out what you’re doing in the meantime:)) Also, I might
be a bit tardy, just for a few weeks as I really need some headroom
to sort out ideas for new projects/work for sale here………..

(In the meantime feel free to leave any comments below:))


Otherwise, Twitter or use the usual email thanks:)

Linda – aka P O N O R