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Art process is pretty indefinable, but it’s the way each artist chooses to get started and continue through. Some use a particular method/technique that they have evolved over time, some use a well trodden path, still others choose to trust solely to their intuition at all times and the way of doing things often changes and hopefully develops over a lifetime of practice.

Artists will tell you that they tend to have an inkling of something. Can be triggered by anything at all and it comes from a place they can’t reach with a direct A to B thought process. This is of course one of the real attractions of making the stuff, it can’t be fixed and it can’t be directly analyzed, and this is where it can get problematic when artists are asked “what does this mean?”(Question: when was the last time you heard a musician asked, what does this mean about a piece of music?…….. :)

Artists are just like everybody else, except they make stuff, it’s no big deal – they make stuff and invite you look at it.. they’d probably like you to buy some of it too, but generally speaking artists are pretty generous about sharing, all they ask is that if you share online that you remember to put their name on it somewhere.

It is not the artist’s job to explain how you should react to what they do, they are offering you an experience, hopefully something new and interesting – if you get a positive response – if you are intrigued by what you observe, well that’s wonderful! but if you aren’t it’s no reflection on your cognitive ability, it just means that the thing doesn’t reach you and your life experience, at least, not right now. : )


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