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pain ting

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We connect like never before: Art process is pretty indefinable, but it’s the way each artist chooses to get started and continue through. Some use a particular method/technique that they have evolved over time, some use a well trodden path, still others choose to trust solely to their intuition at all times and the way […]

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P O N O R on Ello

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Some houses have pictures hanging on the walls, often contained in frames and locked behind glass. What does it mean? – the innocent observer asks – at this point the ground begins to shake….    

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There Is No More There Anymore

THERE IS NO MORE THERE ANY MORE   Arts/Music video = There Is No More There Any More   White Carpet Syndrome (screengrab image)

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SKITTER – at the Bermondsey Art Trail – 11th July

Really pleased to be included here. For once we didn’t need to explain anything, we just sent our site info to the Bermondsey Art Trail and they liked what we do and we have one of our videos included in a screening at the Shortwave Cinema in Bermondsey Square. (* A big thank you […]

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