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13. InPonorland2

This what the painting looks like to date. On the left is the backboard with the objects. On the right is the canvas with the painted objects. There’s still quite a bit more work to do,  adding smaller details, changing/darkening some areas, before cutting it up into the 80 pieces. (more detailed pix shortly:)

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10. collecting

– stuff someone wanted and then didn’t want anymore; the loveliness and insanity of the collected object :)

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8. doingIt

* Getting everything together for making project1/linen canvas/stretcher/collecting everything for the backboard- the template for the 80 separate small paintings.

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2. bigStorm

While I’m getting things together here, it’s taking me a while :) I’ll post some random pix, in this case some photos I took on a fairly low megapixel mobile phone. (Not photoshopped an any way except colours tweeked very slightly – I really like the way they came out, to me they have a painterly quality all of their own :)

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