SKITTER – at the Bermondsey Art Trail – 11th July

Really pleased to be included here. For once we didn’t need to explain anything, we just sent our site info to the Bermondsey Art Trail and they liked what we do and we have one of our videos included in a screening at the Shortwave Cinema in Bermondsey Square. (* A big thank you to Rebecca Fairman, your enthusiasm is much appreciated! And thank you to Clare Dove for the original link: )

P O N O R / J A N C Z A K video site: There is No More There Any More


.Gif made from stills from the video “SKITTER”skitter-gif-small


What Could Possibly Go Right ?

What Could Possibly Go Right ? from Ponor on Vimeo.

Continuing with the series of art-music collaborations, where the images and music take no precedence over each other, but instead are intended to be perceived as a whole.

Urban Munk: Original Music Track

L.P Ponor: Digital Drawing and Video

Nick Janczak: Additional Music, Trumpet and mix

What Could Possibly Go Right ? from Ponor on Vimeo.

Info: The videos have been shown at different locations – in the UK so far – we send them to people who want to show them in different settings… Sending people video files in requested formats is quick to do and as long as the person/arts organisation has the necessary equipment to show the work at their end, it’s usually not too problematic. You can also run vids on smaller screens of course.. so for example, it’s quite possible to even use a simple digital photograph viewer – with the video saved to a memory stick – and show collaborations like this as a moving music/artwork on a wall… : )… I’m a painter, but trying out new ways of working visually with digital images and music collaborations where the art/music are conceived/made together as a whole entity (rather than sticking visuals on a music track or vice versa), is really interesting territory… This is an ongoing project…